Hyundai Elantra Impressed Way Back When

Every Thursday, you check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever, and there's a #TBT post. For the uninitiated, that stands for Throwback Thursday, meaning you post something from the past. At Walser Hyundai, we figured we'd get in on the fun and we found a great old video featuring a model that still impresses here in our Brooklyn Park, MN showroom.

It's the Elantra, and this ad from the 1990s shows two ladies coming out from a fancy establishment, judging men on their rides. Of course, they guy with the Elantra shows up, and they are very, very impressed, and say so in terms that are totally straightforward, right?

All these years later and the Elantra still impresses. To see it and all other new Hyundai vehicles, stop and see us here today, as we'd be happy to help!

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