Hyundai Performs Blind Safety Test

Just how confident is Hyundai that its Sensory Surround Safety system found on models like the 2015 Genesis ? Confident enough that it would black out all the windows and put a professional stunt driver behind the wheel and have him drive toward another vehicle.

It sounds pretty crazy, and trust us, it is. At Walser Hyundai, we'd never advise someone try it out, but Hyundai of course had trained professionals on site to monitor the situation. AS you can see in the video, Rhys Millen, a professional stunt driver gets behind the wheel and drives, having no idea what's in front of him. As he picks up speed, and the other vehicle gets closer, the Genesis applies the brakes, and stops before a collision can occur.

Then, Hyundai asks us if we remember a time when your car didn't have reflexes of its own. It's very true, and very cool that there are now so many features that aim to protect us on the roads. Of course, this plus the combination of being a good driver leads to less incidents and all of us feeling confident.

To learn more about many of these safety features, stop in and see us at Walser Hyundai in Brooklyn Park, MN was we'd be happy to discuss all the options available to you.

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