What Safety Features Does Hyundai Offer?

Safety First: The Hyundai Award-Winning Vehicles

With safety, good enough is never good enough.

When you buy a new Hyundai like the 2018 Hyundai Elantra, 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe or Santa Fe Sport, you'll be purchasing a vehicle that was designed with safety in mind. Whether you have children to care for or want to feel confident when driving to and from work every day, you'll find the safe Hyundai models that you'll love to drive readily available at our dealer. Our award-winning Hyundai cars and SUVs were engineered to offer absolute peace of mind and keep you well protected in the event of a collision. Learn more about Hyundai safety features, then test-drive a new Hyundai at our Hyundai dealership near Plymouth, MN.


When you buy a new Hyundai, you can enjoy optional safety features such as Automatic Emergency Braking. If a potential collision is detected, your Hyundai car or SUV can autonomously apply the brakes, stopping or slowing your vehicle to mitigate the damage. Lane Departure Warning is perfect if you have long highway commutes, alerting you if the vehicle begins to unintentionally drift out of the lane. Hyundai safety features like Brake Assist give you more stopping power when needed, and Electronic Stability Control and a Traction Control System go to work when the roads are slick with rain or ice.

Safety First: The Hyundai Award-Winning Vehicles Safety

New Hyundai safety features like these work together to prevent collisions and help to keep your Hyundai on the road for many years and miles to come. Visit Walser Hyundai to browse Hyundai Elantra, Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport trims to see the full gamut of driver-assistive technologies that are available. Plus, each Hyundai vehicle is equipped with an advanced network of airbags that can keep you well protected if a collision occurs.

Safety First: The Hyundai Award-Winning Vehicles Safety

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